Cisco Academy

CCNA foundation 

Students in a Cisco Academy class session

The goal of this course is to prepare students that want to enroll in the new CCNA program, and do not have any networking knowledge. Cisco has eliminated CCENT or ICDN1 which was intended to assist students in understanding networking terminology, and it function. In the new CCNA program, CISCO expects students to have a very good networking knowledge before enrolling in CCNA 2020 certification class. The CCNA foundation course will prepare students in understanding the description and function of the existing and new technology.  Some topics  covered include:

 1. The function and operation of a hub, switch, router, Firewall, Gateway, Layer 3 switching, routing, Wireless Networks, Cloud and Virtualization and many more.

2. Identify the layers of the OSI model

3. Describe the functionality of LAN, MAN, and WAN networks 4. Identify the possible media types for LAN and WAN connections