Cisco Academy

Students in a Cisco Academy class session

CCNA Foundation: Students will prepare to enroll in the new Cisco Certified Networking Association program with this foundational course for students with no prior networking knowledge. This is a prerequisite for the new CCNA program, which requires good networking knowledge before enrolling. The CCNA Foundation course will prepare students in understanding the description and function of new and existing technology. Some topics covered include:

  • The function and operation of a hub, switch, router, Firewall, Gateway, Layer 3 switching,
    routing, Wireless Networks, Cloud and Virtualization and more
  • Identifying the layers of the OSI model
  • Describing the functionality of LAN, MAN, and WAN networks
  • Identifying the possible media types for LAN and WAN connections

Internet & Computing Core Certification (IC3)

This course introduces students to the main components of computer literacy, including computer fundamentals, key applications, and living online. It provides an introduction to the computer and the convergence of technology as used in today’s global environment. The course is designed to introduce topics such as computer hardware and software, file management, the Internet, email, the social web, green computing, security, and computer ethics. It presents basic use of application, programming, systems, and utility software. Basic knowledge of keyboarding skills is recommended. To receive credit, students must pass all three sections of the IC3 Internet & Computing Core Certification — Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online. The Certiport Exam requires a score of 85% or higher for Certification.
Industry Certification Eligibility: Internet & Computing Core Certification